Tarifa to Tangier is the best ferry route to Morocco in the congested Strait of Gibraltar. There are three ports on the Spanish side (Tarifa, Algeciras and Gibraltar) and three on the Moroccan side (Tangier, Tangier Med and Ceuta), with four routes connecting them.

Tarifa to Tangier is the best of these as it has the most voyages per day, some of the cheapest tickets and you arrive in Tangier city itself. Tarifa is also a nicer place to visit than the other ports on the Spanish side.

As a comparison, there are three ferries per day with FRS and five with Trasmediterranea from Algeciras to Tangier Med, with most voyages in the morning. They cost around 25 euros. The journey takes 30 minutes but it’s an hour from Tangier Med to Tangier.

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Journey Time : 30 minutes. You arrive in the center of Tangier.
Price : about 30 euros.
Ferry Company : FRS or Comarit. Comarit cannot be booked online.
Number of Ferries Per Day : Every two hours, from 9am to 9pm.